VCU Flake Icemachine

VCU (Urk Fisheries Cooperative) has been a leading name in the fishing industry since 1922.

Since 2004 we specialized ourselfs in ice machines, both slurry- and flake ice machines. Our machines are installed on fishing vessels as well as at fish processing companies.

Our flake ice machines are equipped with a vertical icemaker made entirely of stainless steel (SS-316) with a stationary drum. The advantage of a stationary drum is that the refrigerant cannot be leaked through the seal(s).
As standard, the icemaker is also suited for making flake ice from seawater.
The solidity of the ice can be adjusted by adding salt to the water. For this, a special salt mixing pump and reservoir can be provided. 

VCU Flake Ice Machines are available with capacity from 500 kg till 60 ton a day. 


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