VCU CatchProcessing System installed onboard newbuilding fishing vessel

At 2 October 2018 the new Twinrig trawler & Flyshooter H-144 “JANNETJE-CORNELIS” was delivered by Nodosa Shipyard to it’s owners Osprey Fish Group (family de Boer) from Urk - The Netherlands.

VCU TCD B.V. was selected to develop and engineer a sophisticated VCU CatchProcessing Installation for this fishing vessel.

The question was to develop a system which can handle the (bigger) hauls of flatfish in shortest time while Twin-trawling and can handle the great diversity of fish while Flyshooting.

Also this VCU CatchProcessing System is optimized for grading all the different kinds of fish (in a short processing time) and keep them separate, to achieve the best quality of fish.

In the fish-hold we placed the VCU CatchManagement System for grading, weighing and registration of the fish. This system is linked with the VCU CatchManagement Software in the wheelhouse.

VCU’s technical designers first made a 3D drawing and overview of this CatchProcessing system, and after client’s approval the system was produced in VCU’s own (stainless steel) factory.

All components were sent to Nodosa’s shipyard in Vigo, and VCU engineers installed and commissioned this complete installation onboard this new fishing vessel in Spain.

You can see an impression of this new vessel and VCU CatchProcessing System on this photos.