Water jet cuttling

The Resato type R-LCM water jet  cutting machines are standardly equipped with direct-drive linear motors on all main axles (X, Y and Z) and have the following specific features;

  •     Robust steel precision design, equipped with direct-drive linear motors on all axles.
  •     Guides and drives are adequately shielded by bellows and protective stainless steel plating.
  •     The portal is powered at both sides of the table.
  •     Separate independent measurement system – no encoder measuring system.
  •     No influence by mechanical deficiencies (e.g. due to temperature change) on the accuracy of the machine since this mechanical / electrical influences are compensated for.
  •     The machine can be standardly fitted with up to three Resato cutting heads.
  •     Jetlift linear Z-axle. Maintenance-free with height sensor and collision detection. 

We are able to cut most materials on this machine – ask us about the possibilities!