VCU Cooling and Ice machines

We are specialised in the cooling of both the catch as well as of the ship’s fish-hold. We supply VCU Slurry Ice machines with various capacities. We can take care of the entire installation.
VCU Slurry Ice is a mix of tiny, microscopic ice crystals. The Slurry  ice crystals are miniscule in size: 5 microns (or 0,005 mm).
The whole mass submerges the products, allowing no room for air between the product and the VCU Slurry Ice. This creates a maximum surface area for contact with the product. This results in the fastest possible cooling – it immediately cools the product to the core.

This discourages potentially damaging bacterial growth and chemical reactions, which increases the product’s freshness considerably.
No other cool medium exists that is colder, cleaner, purer, smaller and faster than VCU Slurry Ice.
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