VCU CatchManagement

The VCU Catch Management System has been a carefully-designed weighing system, developed in collaboration with fisherman. 

Since its introduction, we have remained critical and non-complacent, which has resulted in a reliable onboard tool for sorting, weighing, recording and managing fish catches.

The weight scale and operation module in the fish-hold are very intuitive and practical.

The skipper is able to consult advanced overviews with the aid of the program’s administrative software. This way the contents of the fish-hold can always be determined in real-time.

One of the most important benefits is that the skipper will no longer encounter any surprises during unannounced official inspections.

The system is fully traceable since the end of 2010. With the support of the European Fishery Fund, we have been able to develop the Catchlocator service together with our partners. Read more about this at Catchlocator.

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