Product range

Every day from our store we supply the entire maritime sector with a variety of products. The fishery industry is our primary target group however, followed by coastal shipping and push navigation. Besides this primary target group, we also include industrial companies and private individuals in our clientele, putting us in a position to cater to a broad group of customers.

Just a few items from our broad product range available in our store are: paints and paint accessories, (electric) tools, cleaning cloths, machine room necessities, oils and greases, work clothing, work footwear, cleaning products for professional and household use, brown – and white goods, kitchen utensils, (mobile) telephones, batteries and much more.

Have a look at the photo gallery on the right to get an impression of our product range.

Especially for the fishery industry we supply various oil-related clothing, boots, blocks, accessories for nets as well as specific maritime paints and primers. And of course we also have cutting mittens and knives. We also have a broad series of filters, filter cloths, filter cuffs and related items such as degreasers and engine cleaners.
VCU Store (BV) mainly purchases its products from the manufacturer, allowing us to offer a competitive price. Due to the short communication lines between the customer and the supplier, we can also promptly deliver uncommon products.

VCU Store represents service and quality!