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Electric winch package and sophisticated winch control system installed onboard newbuilding fishing vessel.

At Saturday 8 June 2019 the new Twinrig trawler & Flyshooter LT-43 “ANNALIJDIA” was delivered
by Thecla Bodewes Shipyards to its owners family van Duijn from Katwijk - The Netherlands.

VCU TCD B.V. was selected to develop and engineer its first OSEY URK ELECTRIC Winches and WinchControl System for this new twinrigger and flyshooter.
In partnership with the company Dromec (also from The Netherlands), VCU developed this first Electric winch package for flyshooting and twinrigging.This OSEY URK ELECTRIC Winch package consists of:

  • 2 pc. Flyshoot- and Twinrig Winches (capacity of 3700 meters combirope with a diameter of 50 mm)
  • 1 pc. Middle (split) Winch (capacity of 750 meters steel wire with a diameter of 26 mm (also suitable for dyneema)
  • 2 pc. Split Net Winches (capacity of 12 m3)
  • Electric Winch Control System

According to its more than 30 years’ experience in flyshoot fishing- winches- and hydraulic systems (back in the 80’s OSEY Winches in Iceland was the first to develop the flyshoot winches with direct heaving onto the drum) VCU and Dromec has brought together all the knowledge and experience in the development of this new Electric Flyshoot- and Twinrig Winch Package.
An important feature of this new electric flyshoot winches is that shooting out of the ropes is at controlled (high) speed- and tension and drum is not clutched out of the motor.
Some further features of this new Electric Winch Control are:

  • Automatic wire-spooling control
  • Automatic Shooting (with tension control)
  • Automatic Heaving at equal speed and equal tension of the combiropes (flyshooting) and wires (trawling).
  • Programmed hauling speeds
  • Synchronized control of the winches and Auto-Trawling
  • Integration of data from trawldoor sensors
  • Automatic detection (and protection) for overload (when fishing gear is stucked at the bottom)
  • Vessel turning mode

VCU CatchProcessing System

VCU was also selected to design a new Catch Processing System for this fishing vessel.
The question was to develop a system which can handle the (bigger) hauls of flatfish in shortest time
while Twin-trawling and can handle the great diversity of fish while Flyshooting.
Also this VCU CatchProcessing System is optimized for grading all the different kinds of fish (in a short
processing time) and keep them separate, to achieve the best quality of fish.

In the fish-hold we placed the VCU CatchManagement System for grading, weighing and registration
of the fish. This system is linked with the VCU CatchManagement Software in the wheelhouse.

VCU’s technical designers first made a 3D drawing and overview of this CatchProcessing system, and
after client’s approval the system was produced in VCU’s own (stainless steel) factory. The system was installed and commissioned onboard this new fishing vessel at the TB Shipyards in Harlingen.

VCU Cooling and Ice Machines

VCU cooling engineers installed a cooling system in the fishhold.
Also VCU installed one seawater flake ice machine and one slurry ice machine.

VCU FishingGear

VCU Maritime B.V. was selected to design and produce the complete Twinrig-gear for this new fishing vessel, consisting of;

  • 3 pieces of fishtrawls type twinrignets of 60mtr footrope and 48mtr headrope.
  • Complete set of sweeplines;
  • Different steel wires and Dyneema lines to handle the trawldoors, nets clump and unloading the fish.
  • 750 mtr. Steelwire fishing-lines (26 mm)

Safety package

VCU Safetycentre B.V. has supplied Van Duijn’s “ANNALIJDIA” with a complete safety equipment package. Life rafts, lifejackets with build in AIS PLB’s, pyrotechnics, firefighting equipment, medical supplies and navigation books are all part of the package.

You can see an impression of this new fishing vessel and above mentioned installations at attached  photos.

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LT-43 Annalijdia