Mission, vision & values


"We are an organisation for the supply and development of the commercial fishing industry, both national and international,  in addition to maritime companies such as coastal and inland shipping, the dredging industry and industrial companies. ´Mooring´ at the VCU  should be enough to  provide your maritime business with  all  necessary products in one visit.”


"The provision of all common services and products to the European Maritime sector, the Dutch commercial  fishing industry in particular!”


In order to realise our mission and achieve our vision, we operate according to our values;

Values Meaning
Quality You can expect high-quality and innovative goods and/or services from VCU, based on years of  professional expertise and experience.
Service In all divisions of our company, we strive to offer  optimal service.
Respect VCU treats everyone fairly, with respect and with consideration.
Cooperation VCU’s staff work together as a single team and share knowledge in order to achieve continual improvement, development and innovation.
Responsibility In their correspondence with members, clients and partners, VCU’s staff act with great care and dedication. Mission, vision & values