The supply of lubricants and greases has for a very long time been an art which VCU appreciates and understands very well. Motor oil, hydraulic oil, gearbox oil and screw axle grease are just a few of the lubricant types which we offer. We can essentially supply any brand name, though we are specialised in supplying the brands Gulf, Mobil, Shell, Total, Kroon and Kuwait. Related to these brand names, VCU has access to a supportive, consultative body which additionally facilitates the analysis of grease and lubricant samples and everything related with it.
We can supply lubricating oil in all kinds and volumes, from small to large. Tubes, drums, barrels or in bulk – it’s all no problem at all. In the standard fishing ports, VCU can even take care of the transfer pumping of lubrication oil in barrels to vessels since we have favourable agreements with renowned bunker companies who also pump gas oil for VCU. 
Lubricating oil is primarily delivered on order to all kinds of consumers, whereby we are able to operate very efficiently. We can essentially deliver anywhere in The Netherlands - everything being coordinated from our headquarters in Urk. Our premises in Urk also house a small “grab stock” – something which both fishery firms and inland shipping companies regularly profit from.
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