The Visserij Coöperatie Urk  (VCU) was founded in May 1922 by fishermen who became stranded at the harbour due to bad weather at sea. Their main goal was to  gather their demand for gas oil and lubricants, which allowed them as an organisation to collectively and cost-effectively purchase these wares. As of today, this is still one of the VCU´s primary goals, which since January 1st2008 has promoted and  positioned itself as: VCU, the Maritime Specialist!
Since 1990, VCU has been a member of the Verenigde Europese Visserijcoöperaties  (VEVC), a Dutch fishery cooperative association,  to which all fishery cooperatives in The Netherlands and two from Belgium  are affiliated. The cooperatives can consequently benefit from even higher discounts from their suppliers and so can  deliver to the fishing industry at even cheaper rates.
VCU supplies vessels with a variety of fishing materials such as fishing nets, chains, ropes, gas oil and lubricating oil, etc. VCU  occupies a leading role within the VEVC, as well as within the SFAV (a Dutch foundation for the funding of fishery waste product management).  In addition, , the VCU  responded to the demand for safety courses and safety course  materials in 2004/2005, and in collaboration with other cooperatives founded the VEVC Veiligheidscentrum (“VEVC Safety Centre”).
The fishery industry was in choppy waters at the time – and it has  remained so in recent years. Economic recession,  reduced quotas, new and  tightened regulations  as well as  increasingand continually fluctuating gas oil prices have caused fishermen both national and international to decide to give up the profession.
VCU’s most important sales market – currently employing some 65 people – was becoming ever smaller.
This caused VCU to decide to reposition itself early on and as such shifted its focus to also target to coastal and inland shipping, the dredging industry and industrial companies. However, our most important clientele group remains the commercial fishing industry , both national and international, with our members  on top of the list.