Visserij Coöperatie Urk (Urk Fisheries Coöperative, VCU) has been a leading name in the fishing industry since 1922.

As a professional maritime specialist, we distinguish ourselves by offering a full-service concept of both goods and services. The fishing gear and the fishing vessels are our core business! From steel wire to gasoil and from fishing nets to the catch processing and winches we have it our stock, we can deliver, produce, service or repair all these necessary items for your fishing industry. As VCU, we work innovatively, allowing our members, partners and clients to make use of our fast service, expertise and reliability.

VCU possesses three modern premises on Urk. The head office, as well as VCU Oil BV, VCU Store BV, VCU Safety Centre BV, VCU Maritime BV and VCU TCD BV are located in Urk.

VCU TCD BV is specialised in providing technical services and performing repairs, revisions, (large-scale) rebuilding, conversions and construction of a variety of vessels. Furthermore, the TCD is specialized in the fabrication of winches and related hydraulic systems named "Osey Urk Winches".

VCU’s modern vehicle fleet consists of service buses and crane trucks. These are employed to quickly perform repairs or deliveries on-site. Our working range includes The Netherlands, France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Norway and the UK.